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hey everybody!!!

I just came up with a pretty awesome story that came to me in my half a sleep state. I am proud of it so far and I will be posting my updates on the story. here it is so far:

Chapter 1


And there we were. Walking, for no reason, no reason at all. Just walking.  I guess for our lives. Every step we took down that dark corridor meant getting closer to that mysterious pink light. We had been walking for hours. Every step we took we saw that behind us the floor was disintegrating, just falling into bits down to that darkness below. There was nothing below us even. Well I knew there was because I could hear the wood bits fall and hit the ground, but I definitely didn’t want to fall and hit the ground myself so we kept walking. Walking toward that pink tinted light. Just walking.

You might be wondering whom I mean when I say we. When I say we I mean my sister and me. We have been having that same exact dream for almost a year now. It was kind of scary at first but now we have gotten used to it.

We are finally getting closer. To the light I mean. I know that it isn’t just a light anymore. It is a pink lobby like area with lots of lights.

We finally reached the lobby like area. One last plank of wood until the whole floor is gone. Wait. I hear something. I hear my alarm clock. Way off in the distance. I reach out to grab but it isn’t there. My sister looks at me and we both start trying to wake ourselves up but it isn’t working. We start pinching each other. We start pulling hair, scratching and even biting. It all hurts. A lot. Finally I shout that we should stop. So we do. And we’re still not awake. We are very beaten up though. It hurts and stings.

Finally we walk into the lobby. I notice that it has doors. Lots of doors. Like a hotel. A hotel lobby. It looks girly and vintage. Like the wallpaper is floral and the doors are solid wood. Not hollow fake stuff.

This lady. She is very old and dressed like a maid. She runs up to us and says “You shouldn’t have come here. Now you wont ever be able to leave!” I tell her that if we didn’t enter we would have fallen all the way down with the wood and I point to where we had come from. It has closen up with another door; slightly bigger, slightly taller than the rest, but still the same door. She walks away shaking her head and mumbling something.

We enter the closest room. There is a twin-sized bed and it is an awfully small room. It looks like a hospital room, but it isn’t white, it’s pink and it matches the lobby outside. In the bed there is a guy. Just as old as the maid but sick, and asleep. We both turn around to leave but the door has vanished completely into the wall. We look at each other confused and we turn back to see if maybe we can recognize this man. As we turn around we realize that there are now two other beds, just as cute and pink as the entire room, there was also a beautiful matching vanity, and an adorable little desk with the laptop that I had been longing for, for years. That was the one thing besides us that didn’t fit in, the laptop.

The maid came in with a small cart to treat him but didn’t look surprised to see us. In fact she expected us to be there. She came with a wardrobe for young schoolgirls. She came with plaid skirts and jumpers, collars and button down shirts, dresses and blazers. Everything that a 50’s school cutie would ever dream of.

I was just so surprised that I didn’t even think of what to do. I just thought that maybe I was still dreaming. Maybe, just, maybe I would be late for school, maybe it was a weekend, maybe my mom woke up and turned off my alarm clock for me, maybe this was another strange dream, maybe I was—I don’t know what I was thinking but whatever it was, it was wrong.

Chapter 2

No Social Life

Every week we would hear my alarm clock go off. Every week it would go off for about an hour. Every morning, every Saturday, at seven o’clock for an hour. Every day there was also an email from at least one of my friends. Every day I would write back to them but their emails sounded so frantic, it was as if they never got my emails. I emailed my friends, my sister emailed her friends, and we both emailed our parents every day. But we stopped getting emails at all, not even frantic ones. And stopped hearing my alarm clock go off…


so that is my pretty awesome story! you all should rate it in a comment. thanks for actually reading the whole thing. here is a picture for you all.


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Hey Everybody!

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I am so sorry that i haven’t been posting lately. i have been having problems with my password lately and so i finally got in.

I think it might be time for a change in appearance dont you think?

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