Hi every body!

I am so sorry for the last post because I said that I would be on my other blog but I can’t do that anymore because it locked me out. Again sorry.

I have been having such a good time though here at SXSWedu. Right now I am listening to a talk about using games and play for learning. It is really good but I am super tired and the only thing keeping me awake right now is the bright light coming out of my iPad.

Yesterday I went to the Future Plans: College and Career thing here and there were some really good colleges. I found out about a few art colleges such as FIDM and some other ones that I forgot the names of. The most ironic thing about it though was that afterwards my dad and I went to a panel called “College vs. Uncollege: Is a degree worth it?” It was a very good panel and now I am pondering going to college at all. What do you guys think? Say it in the comments below.

That just totally sounded like something a youtuber would say. Sorry.