Some links for y’all

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Hey every body here are some links to my other websites!

By the way this last link, the name was chosen by the boys in my school work group. Yeah it was for a project.

The stemlitjournal one is also for school. I am sort of the leader for this group. None of the literature on here is mine. Yet.

The second one isn’t much yet because it is just for a script that my friend and i wrote. not much has happened yet because we are revising.

I hope you like these blogs!

Do you like Doctor Who??

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The View of the World

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Inspired by: Charles Bukowski

The best hiding place in hide and seek,
The big marshmallow on hot cocoa,
The thick, fuzzy socks on my cold feet,
The surprise cookie in my lunchbox,
The new crayons and pencils that are not short and stubby,
The painting that pulls you in and you can’t get out,
The big, fat, fluffy teddy bear that you got when you were only one,
The family that takes care of you too much,

my Imagination,
my Inspiration,
my Creativity.
My view of the world.
— Isa Herrera

True Artist

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My eyes, while hovering above, flutter in amazement.
It does not turn out like I had it in my mind,
but that does not matter to me,
I only make my mistakes look better than it already had.
You can never ask me what I am drawing.
It is barely in my head.
“Why is that so?” you ask.
“Well, you’ll know soon,” and this is what I say.
It is because a true artist barely knows the moment.
— Isabetta Herrera Grant