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SXSWedu was such a great experience for me both this year and last year. Unlike last year though, I will not be attending SXSW interactive or film (or music). I am very bummed out about not being able to go to that part of SXSW but I know I can’t do everything every year though, I might be able to go next year. SXSWedu was great because I met so many people and I learned so much and I actually got to talk in a panel.

I met Matt Goldman who is part of the Blueman group and he talked about the Blue School in New York and how they are going to have a Blue School Summer Camp for elementary school students. Even though the summer camp is for younger kids he said that it might be possible for me to help teach and mentor kids in the camp which would be very exciting. He also came to watch my panel.

That is just a very, very small part of SXSWedu and I promise once I get caught up with homework I will update you more. (so many promises, sorry)


Bye for now,



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Hi every body!

I am so sorry for the last post because I said that I would be on my other blog but I can’t do that anymore because it locked me out. Again sorry.

I have been having such a good time though here at SXSWedu. Right now I am listening to a talk about using games and play for learning. It is really good but I am super tired and the only thing keeping me awake right now is the bright light coming out of my iPad.

Yesterday I went to the Future Plans: College and Career thing here and there were some really good colleges. I found out about a few art colleges such as FIDM and some other ones that I forgot the names of. The most ironic thing about it though was that afterwards my dad and I went to a panel called “College vs. Uncollege: Is a degree worth it?” It was a very good panel and now I am pondering going to college at all. What do you guys think? Say it in the comments below.

That just totally sounded like something a youtuber would say. Sorry.


I’m in Austin

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Hey everybody!

I don’t know if you know this but I’m in Austin now and I have been here since the 1st I just wanted to let you know that for SXSW I will be posting here because it is my SXSWblog. I don’t have access to video editing software so when I get home I will upload a video because I am filming a little bit each day.

Just thought I’d let you know!



PS visit my twitter if you want to stay in touch. ( @BleuNerd )

All Right

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So I haven’t been on here for a while now but it is because I have a new blog that is just for fun/daily life. If want to view it, click here. (i also have a SXSW blog, here)


So I’ve come back here to say “hey” to anybody who actually reads this blog– and if anyone does, please say so in a comment below. I’ve also come back because SXSWpanelpicker and SXSWeduPanelpicker are open. I got a proposal to enter an entry to SXSWedu by Ron Reed (the Executive Producer). So I think I will try entering something and I hope I get picked.


Wish me luck!

Some links for y’all

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Hey every body here are some links to my other websites!

By the way this last link, the name was chosen by the boys in my school work group. Yeah it was for a project.

The stemlitjournal one is also for school. I am sort of the leader for this group. None of the literature on here is mine. Yet.

The second one isn’t much yet because it is just for a script that my friend and i wrote. not much has happened yet because we are revising.

I hope you like these blogs!

Unknown territory

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“Hey dad, whats the building with the blue lights on top?” “I dont know.”
“Dad, whats the tower building with the blue lights?” “I dont know.”
“What about the tall building with the white lights on the top?” “I really dont know sweetie.”
 “‘Howdy donuts. Donuts. Kolaches. Crossaints.’ Dad whats a kolache?” “I dont know.”
Alright. Austin is definitely unknown territory if dad doesn’t even know. Yep definitely unknown. Now i know why they say to keep austin weird.